American Airlines Center

Dallas, TX

American Airlines Arena is home to the Dallas Maverics basketball team, as well as the Dallas Stars hockey team.  In 2014 Venues Today Magazine named American Airlines Center the 4th busiest arena in the U.S. and 10th busiest in the World. It features retractable seating that enables it to transform from a 20,000 seat basketball arena into an up-close action-heavy 18,532 seat hockey rink.  The venue also hosts a wide variety of concert events as well as themed shows such as Disney on Ice.

Acoustical treatments reduce the reverberation time and level of the arena, making conditions favorable for the concerts and themed shows.  The LARES system restores reverberation that is optimum for the sporting events.

Venue Data: 

System Design:  WJHW, LARES Associates
Acoustical Consulting Firm:  WJHW
Consultant:  Jack Wrighton
Contracting Firm: Pro Media-Ultrasound
Description:  Sports arena

Seating Capacity 20,000+