The E-coustic Systems LCF-499 is a full range, high output, three way loudspeaker that provides excellent power uniformity and output capacity. It is designed for use in high ceilings, stages, outdoor applications, and situations where greater overall sound power is required. The LCF-499 is unique in its use of horns for mid and high frequency sections. They behave acoustically as a single device, resulting in a crossover transition that is seamless at any angle. This feature is essential in maintaining power uniformity over the widest possible range of frequencies. The HF horn incorporates a new multi-transitional shape that eliminates high frequency beaming. This horn shape not only eliminates off-axis high frequency loss, but also overcomes crossover range response anomalies common to alternative devices. These technologies enable the  LCF-499 to generate high fidelity full range sound over its entire coverage pattern. Its combination of broad coverage, vivid transient response, wide bandwidth, and high maximum acoustic output enable seamless integration with other E-coustic Systems components

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