E-Coustic Systems Mainframe III

The E-coustic Systems Mainframe III acoustics processor represents a significant advancement in electronic architecture. It is a new, ground-up development in both hardware and software that doubles the power of our previous generation system, delivering unrivaled performance and flexibility.

The Mainframe III features four independent acoustics processors called “machines”. The machines run new advanced acoustics algorithms derived from our most recent research in physical acoustics and human neurology. Each machine provides independent control of direct, reflected and reverberant sound energy, as well as the ability to adjust all critical acoustic parameters. The ECS-MADI digital audio interface provides 64 channel 24-bit AES/EBU compliant audio transport to and from the Matrix Processor.

In addition, the Mainframe III incorporates advancements that are a class above processing found in typical professional audio systems that include: dual hot swappable, redundant, server grade power supplies to ensure long term power stability; dual hot swappable static hard drive RAID memory; dedicated copper heat sinks with independent forced air cooling for signal processing; and independent TCP/IP communication for each machine. All of this enhances the trouble free operation that E-coustic Systems are renown for.

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