E-Coustic Systems I-8 Power Amplifier

 The E-coustic Systems I8 is the new state of the art in compact, high output, multi-channel audio amplification. The I8 provides unrivaled audio quality and performance. In addition, the I8 features redundant universal switch mode power supplies with PFC and patented Smart Rail Management that maximizes efficiency and reduces power consumption. The I8 is unique in its ability to drive either high or low impedance loads from any channel. In addition, it can drive low impedance loads using bridged channels. Each channel incorporates a switchable high pass filter, with frequency selection of 35 Hz or 70 Hz. 

Thermostatically controlled fans draw air from the front panel, and exhaust heat the rear of the amplifier. Four units can be stacked, with 1RU space between stacked groups. This dramatically reduces required rack space, and simplifies system wiring. Output power is an ideal match for the entire range of E-coustic Systems loudspeakers and subwoofers.

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