E-Coustic Systems DFC-64 Digital Audio Format Converter

The DFC-64 provides 64 channels of format conversion from AES\EBU digital audio to MADI digital audio (Multi-channel AES\EBU)  and vice versa.  This allows  E-Performance and E-Architecture systems to interface with a wide range of digitally  enabled systems such as digital audio consoles, digital audio editing systems, RAM based effects playback systems, professional film surround sound decoders, etc. Sample rates to 192 kHz and up to 24 bit encoding is supported .  All channels are transferred across a single cable, either coaxial (BNC) or optical network cable. In both cases, cable lengths of more than 100 meters can be achieved. The AES/EBU channels are provided as 32 AES/EBU inputs and outputs via D-sub connectors. The DFC-64 accepts 56 channels and 64 channels as well as 96k frame at its input, and can be set to generate those formats at its output.

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