E-Coustic Systems AO-32 Analog Output Interface

The E-coustic Systems AO-16 and AO-32 Analog Output Interface provide unparalleled sonic quality for the most critical and demanding Electronic Architecture applications. These systems provide analog conversion of 24 bit MADI digital audio signals (16 channels AO-16, or 32 channels AO-32) streamed from the E-coustic Systems Matrix Processor. Both utilize superior analog circuit designs that deliver reference quality conversion at output levels up to +24dBu, with dynamic range in excess of 114dB (unweighted). Font panel metering is provided for each channel, and both units feature two dedicated sets of outputs with isolated drivers and balancing circuits.

Rear panel mounted sub-D connectors conforming to TASCAM wiring standard provide 8 channels of audio that connect directly to the E-coustic Systems AT-32 Analog Output Terminator. The AT-32 incorporates rear panel parallel wiring interconnectivity for amplifier and loudspeakers, as well as front panel listen points for each output channel. Each unit provides zero latency MADI pass through, and selectable channel assignments. These units provide twice the channel capacity in half of the space of our previous generation hardware. They also draw less current and generate less heat which saves cost - both in fabrication, as well as every day operation.

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